9 thoughts on “Too Many Late Nights 3-Step Mask

  1. I loved how the sample made my face feel, and have noticed a difference in my skin! Will definitely be buying more when they come out, can’t wait for the launch

  2. I tried this sample last night. I am Korean myself so had tried many masks before that promised the world. I decided to give it a try. Why not.
    I used the cleanser, which was excellent. Did NOT expect that. It got rid of all the waterproof mascara and eyeliner instantly, which made me happy because most of cleansers out there always leave something and I have to always end up using eye make up remover after using the cleanser. Happy. Smells fresh, not too strong.
    Mask- Tried on for 20 minutes although recommended for 30 minutes. It left my hydrated. But most masks do that instantly after use. So nothing surprising.
    Used the night cream, smells really nice, it glued to my skin. It ‘s good that there’s something to put on post mask. And then I went to sleep.
    The morning after results were quite astonishing beyond my belief. It really made a difference to my skin, it made it softer, and fine lines gone around my eyes and lips, and I looked so refreshed as if I slept for 20 hours. I haven’t seen my skin look like this since in my early 30s. This stuff really works. I would love to try more to see what regular use of these masks will do to my skin. But wow. I’m a happy woman and my skin is happy. 5 stars. Can’t wait for it to launch, already signed up.

  3. Just tried the Too Many Late Nights Maskorea mask and loved it! I don’t normally use face masks but after trying Maskorea’s I was really surprised at how much it worked! From the cleansing face wash and night cream to the actual mask itself which I could feel working instantly, I couldn’t recommend this face mask more! My skin felt moisturised, softer and really fresh. I’m giving this a 4 star because I can’t wait until September to get more!

  4. I used the Too Many Late Nights last night – I really loved the cleaner bit. I would actually buy a load of that separately! The mask was really comfy and so loaded full of product so I lay flat to let it seep in. It felt a bit gooey with the extra cream going on top and I was a bit sticky this morning but, after I washed my face, it felt amazing!! I had these weird little white spots on my forehead and they seem to have totally disappeared. I LOVE this!!

  5. Amazing product! I’ve used a few other sheets masks, but this one beats them all! The cleanser was very creamy and left my skin squeaky clean (literally, it did squeak as I rinsed the cleanser off!) and then the mask felt comfortable and cool on my skin and was absolutely saturated with product so you know you are getting a good half hours worth of lushness! Followed by the night cream, on top of the residue already on my face from the mask (I admit I did find this a little weird, as it all mixed together on my face) – it did feel sticky, I won’t deny that, but it didn’t take too long to start soaking in.

    When I got up the next morning my skin still felt slightly sticky, but, it looked AMAZING! The fine lines around my eyes were much less prominent and my skin looked plumped, clearer, and felt so soft. I will definitely be buying more of these masks (I still have one left to use) and I will recommend them to my friends (and probably consider giving them as gifts too).

    Excellent product Maskorea, you really have created a great combo – to have everything you need right there (cleanser, mask, moisturiser) then there is no excuse not to take good care of your skin!

  6. Just to say I absolutely loved my masks! I tried the pink one last night and today I swear I look younger! My skin looked rejuvenated and much brighter. I will be ordering more!

  7. Being a health and beauty blogger, I am always on the look out for products to that give you youth boosting benefits. This week I tried all 3, and were astonished with the results each time I used a set. Each morning I woke up to glowing, plump, and younger looking skin. These will definitely be a staple in my skin care regime.

  8. My skin is either too oily/ greasy or too dry and dehydrated. I found that this was really refreshing, non-oily and restored the balance to the general tone, feel and brightness of my face when I used it. I have actually been recommending the masks to a number of my friends.

  9. I’ve tried my first facemask the ‘too many late nights’ one and loved it! I’ve not used a cellulose mask before and it took a bit of messing about to fit it properly to my face – I ended up with a spaghetti moustache! But my skin was really hydrated and looked brighter the following day.

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