6 thoughts on “Instant Glow 3-Step Mask

  1. Wow loving the look and feel of my skin after trying this sample 3 step mask. My face felt so clean after the cleanser, so soft after the mask and then the moisturiser was amazing. I tried the Turn back the clock one and don’t think there is anything else like it on the market. Fabulous and can’t wait for it to launch. Will definitely be buying this product and recommending it to everyone I know and am looking forward to trying the other ones.

  2. finally a face sheet mask that delivers not only instantly but with lasting results. I was given this sample for me prior to travelling. Tried it on the plane as my skin gets so dehydrated. Tried the 3 steps just because I didn’t want to carry the heavy skincare bottles in my bag. I usually wear 8-hour moisturiser by Elizabeth Arden, which ends up drying out toward the end of a long haul flight.My skin is so dry so it gets worse on the plane, so I always end up putting really oily lip balm on my face before sleeping. This mask- MAGIC! it lasted more than 14 hours and kept my skin hydrated throughout the whole journey.I was surprised. In terms of hydration for really dry skin like mine, I am going to turn to maskorea. The night cream is amazing. It brightened my skin as well. Really good stuff. Highly recommend. Wish you had it specifically for travelling! Tried the instant glow one. I think I’m still glowing.

  3. I have been given the sample by a friend of mine who tried and loved this product- i was hesitant at first. Masks are masks. But this stuff really gets rid of fine lines and hydration lasted more than 12 hours- i would recommend it to be used at night though- the third step which is the night cream works like a sleeping face mask- and it is quite amazing. Very nice smell.

  4. I really wanted to love this product but I really didn’t. I tried the instant glow mask and really liked the cleanser as it was creamy and left my skin feeling really clean. The mask was too wet and felt slimy and I really just didn’t like the feel of it on my skin. After 30 mins I tried to rub the residue into my skin but if felt really sticky so I had to wash it off. The texture of the night cream I loved but when it dried, again it felt tacky and I hate things feeling sticky on my face.
    A great idea, good quality packaging but the product just didn’t do it for me which is a real shame as I love sheet masks. I have bought the too many late nights so I’ll try this soon and see if the results are any better. Shame

    1. Thank you for your feedback Michelle. We’re delighted that you really liked the cleanser and can see the benefits from having the 3-steps in one pouch. All 3 parts are specially formulated to work together rather than our customers having to use different products for different parts of their skincare which don’t always compliment each other as they should. Please bear in mind that our treatments are to be used in the evening before bedtime as they provide a very high concentration of ingredients for results to be maximized overnight with the mask residue and night cream being left on while you sleep in contrast to day creams which are always much lighter. Only by leaving the product on overnight and then cleansing your face in the morning will you see the full results. With this in mind please do let us know how you get on with your Too Many Late Nights mask rather than being tempted to wash it off before the goodness has taken full effect.

  5. I LOVED the mask!
    My skin didn’t feel tight at any point and I have woken up with a nice glow and I can already see an improvement on blemishes and uneven skin tone.
    This has worked so much better than I was expecting and have already placed another order.

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