Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sheet mask?
Sheet masks originate from Korea where they are used extensively as part of a skincare regime, with masks being used regularly for the face, neck, eyes, hands, feet and even legs. In the case of a face sheet mask, there are pre-cut holes for eyes, nose, and mouth to match the contours of a face. The serum is not only full of the magical properties that make sheet masks so effective and highly moisturizing but also enables the mask to fit the face exactly by staying in contact with your skin to aid full absorption.


Whilst most sheet masks are made of soft cotton fibers that are soaked in a serum ready to be applied to whatever part of the body the mask has been made for, maskorea sheet masks are one of the very few available that are made of Tencel which is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics, comprising 100% natural resources.

Tencel is super-soft, ultra-absorbent and very strong when wet, making it the perfect fabric for a heavily serum infused mask. Unlike traditional cotton face sheet masks, only Tencel masks are able to hug every contour and crevasse of the face, providing a snug and rich moisturizing experience every time.

What is the difference between a face mask and a sheet mask?

Unlike mud or cream face masks, sheet face masks do not need to be washed off, are easy to apply without any mess and are available in individual packages which makes them ideal for carrying around and completely hygienic.

How effective is our range at addressing the skin problems that each of our products refers to?
All of our products have been fully tested in the manufacturers' lab in Korea where their results are fully documented in terms of Before and After findings which are displayed alongside each product profile. The results speak for themselves!
What is special about maskorea's sheet masks?
Our sheet masks are made in Korea and premised on a tested and proven formula that has been used by millions of women and men around the world for the last 10 years. We have taken that same formula and enhanced it for the European market who can now benefit from top quality skincare products at affordable prices. Unlike other sheet masks on the market, maskorea’s sheet mask comprises a 3-step skincare solution which includes a pre-mask wash and a post-mask night cream to maximize results. This, coupled with our use of Tencel rather than less absorbent and face-hugging cotton masks, makes maskorea the most effective and hydrating facial sheet masks to arrive in the UK.
How often should I use a maskorea sheet mask?
Experts recommend that a maskorea face sheet mask should be used twice a week for the first month then weekly to maintain healthy, glowing and well-hydrated skin.