Orders placed before 5pm are despatched within the UK the next working day
Orders placed before 5pm are despatched within the UK the next working day

Our Story

  • So this is how it began...

    Like so many great UK brands and businesses, maskorea was born out of 2 friends, Jenny and Jane, sharing their passion for a vision...one driven by a real need for the benefit of millions of women.

    Jenny and Jane, like you, are on a never-ending search to always look their best and defy the tell-tale signs of ageing.

  • Our journey...

    Korean-born Jenny is an international violist who used to spend 300 days on the road going from one gig to another. Jenny relied on great quality affordable skincare products to ensure she always looked ready to take to the stage. The space limitations of her living out of a suitcase meant that she became increasingly dependent on her favourite sheet face mask although was unable to get these in the UK at a price that made sense for her to use them regularly.

    Regular trips back home to Korea meant that Jenny was able to try and stock up on virtually every sheet mask available on the Korean market. However it was the 3-step product that stole her heart and, ultimately, her mind too which is brought to you today by maskorea.

    And then there is her friend, Jane, whose day-to-day working life in further education involves her working with start-ups in search of the Next Big Thing. Speaking to Jenny and reading virtually daily press articles on the virtues of Korean skincare quickly made Jane realise that millions of women the other side of the world couldn't all be wrong.

  • And so maskorea was born...

    With sheet masks being the perfect skincare product for regular use, ranging from once a week to daily if required, Jenny and Jane's vision to design and manufacture top quality yet affordable sheet masks is re-defining skincare in the UK. No longer are sheet masks the demise of the rich and famous who shop at only the top-end department stores and are prepared to pay inflated prices for the privilege of doing so. No longer is skin care exclusive to the beauty salons where expensive facial treatments are no more than the equivalent of a single sheet mask just without the massage and the offer of a cup of tea.

    By working with one of the top sheet mask manufactures in Korea, Jenny and Jane launched maskorea in London to bring you unrivalled quality sheet masks at a fraction of the cost of other much less effective masks that are in the shops today.

So that’s our journey. Like millions of other women throughout the country, Jenny and Jane are real people with skin needs that differ each day.
Now Jenny's happy, Jane's happy and you should be too.

What People are Saying...

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